About Us

Composite Squadron 68
highly active and has been awarded "Squadron Of The Year" in Group 7 for the seventh consecutive year in a row by CAP National Headquarters. Civil Air Patrol as an organization is
chartered by congress and federally supported, serving as the Official Civilian Auxiliary of The United States Air Force.

With training opportunities and practical use of your talents, our members will assist you in developing and expanding your capabilities in air missions, ground support teams, radio communications, cyberspace, safety, command, and more.


Civil Air Patrol has three congressionally-mandated missions: Emergency Services, Aerospace Education and the Cadet Program. The Civil Air Patrol motto, to which all members ascribe, is "Semper Vigilans", Latin for "Always Vigilant".

The core values of Civil Air Patrol establish a common set of behavioral expectations as well as a set of standards to assess member conduct. The values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect, serve as the ethical framework for CAP’s service to America.